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Chrysler Aspen 2009- Hybrid Battery


Price: $3,400 $2,499

Lifetime Warranty Premium Hybrid Battery for Chrysler Aspen 2009-. Our batteries will save you thousands of dollars, and with our lifetime warranty, you don't have to worry about your hybrid battery, ever.

Lifetime Warranty:

No fine print here. If you have an issue with the battery while you own the vehicle, we will come out to you and we will replace the battery.

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Free Mobile Installation in All of California

Mobile installation in all of California is included in the price. We install batteries seven days a week, pretty much 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

One of our technicians will call you and set up a time that best works with your schedule. Once we get out there, our technician will actually scan your vehicle with the appropriate software. We will identify and make sure that first of all, you need a hybrid battery. It’s not very often, but sometimes we get out there and the hybrid battery is not the issue.

If it is the hybrid battery, we’ll go ahead and perform the work. Our technician will do a test drive in your car, reset your computers to all the factory settings, hand you back your keys, and you’re good to go. You pay for service once the service has been complete.

While you may find cheaper solutions on the market they are typically non warrantied or short warrantied “band-aid” repairs that most likely will not fix your problem. Rebuilding the batteries the right way includes using newer individual battery cells, balancing each pack and upgrading all hardware to nickel over copper connectors. Doing it right the first time will ensure you receive a battery that will perform as good if not better than the original.

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